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January 2, 2013


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[EDIT 2]
Submissions have been re-opened.


Okay, everyone's been getting too ticked off about this journal entry. Guys, the rules are still exactly the same as before, nothing has changed apart from us not answering to everyone from now on. If you took the time to read the rules on the front page in the first place, you'd see that everything i listed below is also listed on the front page, and has been there for over a year now.


First of all, Happy new year everyone! :) I hope you all had a great time, and wish you all the best in the new 2013 :heart:

:bulletred: So with a new year, new rules come.
You may have noticed that we put up a lot less submissions than before. This is because a lot of our admins are inactive, and we rarely have time for anything, let alone managing such a large group.
So I've decided to close submissions for a week. It's longer than usual, but we have almost 1k messages and images to approve.

:bulletred: Even though the rules have been posted an uncountable amount of times already, and are written on the front page, a lot of people don't follow them.
-From now on, if an image is declined, we will not be answering WHY it was declined if the reason is obvious.
-No/simple background
-Bad anatomy
-Disproportionate anatomy (chibi, elongated bodies, etc)
-Texturised images
-Sketchy images
-Speed paintings

For a more detailed overview of what get's accepted or not, please refer to our front page and previous journals. Thank you!

I hope you understand, but if you guys want more images to be accepted and for us to be more active, it has to be like this, we're sorry. Keeping up with such a large community is very hard.
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Tainted-Petals Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I still think there are new set of standards. Especially within the last year. My artwork use to be accepted all the time and suddenly it's not, so saying "The acceptance standard hasn't changed" is utter bullshit.
stinawo Feb 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Agreed! Have you checked the rest of the gallery though? It contains a lot of anime/manga style pieces and more than a handful of them wouldn't qualify based on the group's rules. It's safe to say that their new acceptance standard is... "If it ain't anime, don't bother submitting!"

I don't have a problem with that particular style, but it makes me think that since Paint Tool Sai is a Japanese created art program, admins limit submissions by only accepting art with an anime/manga style or Japanese influence, limiting gallery acceptance for the rest of us.
Tainted-Petals Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've mentioned that myself! Only to be told "well no one submits non-anime styles" which is complete Bull.

I liked this group a ton more with either it was the old moderators or the old owner who wasn't so stingy and high and mighty.

These new mods are on their high horses now that they run this group and they're treating it like their own personal museum. It's not even standards, it's only what they personally enjoy and that's it.
ChocoHolicxxx Jan 4, 2013
i saw that comment and reply about chibis but i disagree that the chibi is a simple form of art. I understand the flat coloring, but a lot of effort goes into chibi. Of course, there are some that don't put effort in, but some people put as much effort into chibis and they do their regular art. The chibi has a set proportion (yes, unique to each artist, but the proportions always depend on the style of the artist's choosing), and yes, it's cartoonish, but you can't expect everyone to draw realism? Paint Tool Sai is indeed a program for all uses, and manga is one of the main purposes. Manga itself is a cartoon (japanese cartoon), so if this group rejects a drawing for being too "cartoon-y" then it has to reject the animanga styled ones too, right?
I understand that the standards have to be high for this group to have quality art, haha, but rejecting art because it's a certain style is too much. Artists tend to blame bad anatomy and the like on their style, which is just downright wrong (but that's just my opinion), but if it's obvious that the artist chooses to change up the anatomy (kind of like america cartoons; the anatomy is really funky) and that it truly is part of their style, then shouldn't it be worth accepting?
sorry bout the long rant orz
Friday70 Jan 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I understand your point, and if you take a look into our gallery we sometimes do accept chibis if we feel like effort was put in it just as much as in any normal image.
This rule was there ever since i can rembember, even before i became a contributor in this group. I personally decided to keep this rule and a few others only cause of respect for the old founder. Since this was originally her group.
I hope you understand, some day that may change. But right now isn't the time for changing since we have too much on our hands. And only 5 admins in total are active.
ChocoHolicxxx Jan 10, 2013
ah, i see. Hope it changes in the future, though.
Arenheim Jan 7, 2013   General Artist
This group hasn't accepted chibi style art for as long as I've known of it, and I always just accepted that as a choice of this particular group's original admins. That's really the only reason I can give you in response to your concern, although you make a valid and fair point.
Mrchocolate0 Jan 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Well this sucks :/ Whats the point of me even being a point of this group anymore?
Friday70 Jan 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Well everything is still pretty much the same as before, nothing has changed apart from us not replying to all messages we get for a while. :)
Mrchocolate0 Jan 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Except all the pictures that I submit are being rejected
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