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Print Sale!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 19, 2014, 8:50 PM

Order the prints now, at Yina Artworks

Hey guys,
Yina here and I'm a co-founder of this group. I'm really happy to announce my very first print sale! :D You can see the available prints below:
The Fire Prince by Yinamon  From Fan with Love by Yinamon  The fairy of the forest by Yinamon

Print Details

  • Each print: $7.5
  • Dimensions: 30 x 42 cm (11"x17")
  • Paper: 170 g (0.4 lb), matte

Order the prints now, at Yina Artworks

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Welcome to Paint Tool SAI!

:bulletred: Please read before joining! :bulletred:
  1. Below are the rules for submitting and joining the group! Please read all of them carefully before becoming active in the group!
  2. Keep in mind that failure to follow these guidelines will result in your artwork not being approved! Confused or have any questions? Feel free to note the group!
  3. We cannot link you to full versions of SAI. Please do not ask OR link to your own. It's against dA policy and is illegal. You can legally purchase it here!
  4. Rules index

:bulletred: How to become a member? :bulletred:
  1. Want to join? Send a join request! Your request will be automatically approved.
  2. You have to use the program Easy Paint Tool SAI or are planning to learn it.

:bulletred: Group guidelines :bulletred:
  1. Respect the admins and the members! Administrators will not tolerate harassment of themselves or other members in any way.
  2. Don't ask the admins why your submission has been declined on the front page. All inquiries should be made on the correspondence ticket you receive when you submit into the group, as it makes it a lot easier on the admins. If you don't have your submission ticket, send us a note with a link to the picture in question.
  3. Try to be helpful. This isn't a requirement but it sure helps us all out! PaintToolSAI exists for the simple reason of members helping members get better at using SAI!
  4. Do you have something to share with the group about this program? Let us know! Simply leave a message in the group, or let us know if you want us to blog it as long as it's useful for everyone. =D Of course, this is optional.

:bulletyellow: Submission guidelines: What to submit? :bulletyellow:
  1. You can only submit to our gallery once a week, so please only submit your best works! Keep in mind that not every submission is approved simply because it was done in SAI.
  2. Sadly, quality matters in this group. Technical skill and amount of detail are the most major determining factors.
  3. Any style or type of picture is welcome, and we don't judge based on whether we like your style or not. Voting is objective, so don't worry about that!
  4. Yes, you can submit pictures done with other programs, as long as it was mainly done in SAI.

:bulletyellow: Submission guidelines: What to avoid? :bulletyellow:
  1. sSuper-deformed characters or chibis! We will not accept these. We rarely make exceptions. Please do not try to argue this point if your chibi gets declined. Generally, the only exceptions to this rule are a very unique style or outstanding coloring.
  2. Pictures that have huge useless space! Crop it or, better yet, try to fill it in with a background! It's harder for us to want to accept a piece where the subject is floating in nothingness.
  3. Speed paints are rarely accepted, but you are welcome to try. Please only submit speed paints that are finished and have been worked on thoroughly. Note that it may still get denied if it does not appear finished or refined.
  4. Sketches, linearts, works in progress, practices, or any kind of unfinished piece. These will always get denied. Submit only finished pieces!
  5. Pictures traced from or made with a base. Traced pictures will be reported. If you used a free base, it will still get denied; we only want your 100% original work.
  6. Memes are only accepted when the pictures and coloring are neat and finished. Sketches, flat coloring, etc. will be denied.
  7. Pictures where you've used a stock image for the background, or for parts of it. The picture has to be fully done by you. Textures, brushes, and patterns are fine, though.
  8. Copies from photos. Most of these are traced, and even if they're not, we would much rather see your original ideas. It's alright if you used a photo as reference for a pose or for a specific part you needed help with, but if the picture looks exactly like it, it will be denied.
  9. Coloring of free line art (including line art provided for contests). Using free line art or coloring comic or manga pages will get you declined automatically, no matter how good the coloring is. Any other kind of collaborations are welcome though, but only if you and your partner(s) are the only ones who worked on the piece.
  10. Progress shots of works or unexplained things, studies, how to draw tutorials, etc. will be denied. When submitting a tutorial, please submit only tutorials where you provide a full explanation of your process. Examples of tutorials you can submit: How to color; how to use the brushes or textures; how to create an effect; etc. If you aren't sure about a tutorial you'd like to submit, send a note.

:bulletyellow: Submission guidelines: General information :bulletyellow:
  1. Please watch where you are putting your pieces! Submissions to the wrong folder are automatically declined, which counts against your submission limit. If you have any doubt about where your submission belongs, ask an admin. Please send us a note as opposed to posting on the front page.
  2. Each submission is reviewed by at least three admins, and we vote based on the rules first and our own opinions of the level of skill present second. This means that not every piece will be accepted just because it follows the rules and was submitted to the correct folder; as stated, there is a quality standard as well.
  3. My submission has been declined! What can I do?
    We'll tell you! :nod: First, please don't ever try to re-submit it unless it was declined for going to the wrong folder; otherwise, it surely will get denied again. If you still want your picture submitted here, you can submit it to our favorites instead.
  4. Don't get discouraged if your piece doesn't get accepted, it in no way means it's bad! You can always keep your member status and try again with your next piece! We'll notice your improvement. If you prefer, you can just watch the group instead to see the accepted submissions. A +Favorite always makes a deviant happy!
  5. Admins will occasionally suggest pieces for Daily Deviations. Keep this in mind and submit your most impressive work! You never know who's looking.

:bulletgreen: Folders :bulletgreen:
  1. Finished Pictures: The current folder for all your finished work. If it's not a tutorial or pixel art, submit it here. This is the most recent folder and shows better examples of the current submission standards, so look around if you're unsure about trying to add your work.
  2. Basics tutorials: For all tutorials that teach you the basics of SAI. Recommended to newbies that would like to try out this program.
  3. Lineart tutorials: For all tutorials on creating lineart, be it freehand or with a vector layer.
  4. Painting tutorials: For all tutorials relating to coloring, including color theory, shading style, etc.
  5. Pixel tutorials: For all tutorials about pixel art (art done using the binary tool), from little icons to huge pieces.
  6. Resources: For brushes, textures, etc. that you have made and would like to share with other users.
  7. Pixel art: Did you know that you can do pixel art in SAI? Well, all your pixels (and we mean it!) go here - from icons to full-sized pictures! Chibis are allowed here, but the same quality standards are enforced. Also, please specify in your artist's comment that it was made in SAI; we're only going to ask you and delay your submission process if you don't. Animated pixels are fine as long as the frames were made in SAI!

:bulletblue: Everything else :bulletblue:
  1. English, French, Italian, Hungarian, Serbian, Swedish, Russian, German and Spanish. If any of these are your native language, feel free to write in that instead if it's easier for you!
  2. This module is constantly being updated :nod:

    Last update: 03/17/2014.
    Thanks for reading!
    The PaintToolSAI team


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Ouremji Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A recent submission of mine expired. 

Is this group still active? Or was it ignored for any other reason?
(1 Reply)
ALostGhostTown Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not really part of the group, but I am seeking some help. Recently my PaintToolSAI hasn't been letting me save new files as anything but .psd, and has been giving me "saving canvas failed" each time I try to save as .sai. I have used .psd files in SAI before and nothing like this has happened, and old files save just fine. Is there anyone who can help?
(1 Reply)
Crimson-Demise Featured By Owner Edited Apr 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Doesn't really seem like any of the mods here are active, except for anonamos701.

That's a lot of responsibility for just one person, and with a group that handles & receives hundreds of submissions a week, with THOUSANDS of members, that's not enough.

Not to mention that's rather unfair for that one mod who's actually trying.

If y'all don't have the time for this group, y'all need to find some successors.

(2 Replies)
what-a-loser Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
Hey guys I was just interested in finding some decent/ professional quality Youtube tutorials for navigating and using Paint Tool SAI as a beginner. I have found a couple but they weren't very good quality and were few and far between. If there are any Youtube artists that specialize in the tutorial aspect of SAI can you please let me know? Thanks.
just-milk Featured By Owner Edited Mar 18, 2015  Student General Artist
May I know why my artwork was declined?

Thank you!
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